Skull and Shackles

1 - 16 (16) the PCs take control of the ship
The PCs take control of the ship

The PCs successfully take control of the ship, defeating the enemy pirates and capturing Scourge. Caxton is voted Captain, and they sail off toward Rickety Squib’s to have the ship refitted, pondering plans to raise the money to pay for it…

1 - 15 (15) Taking the Ship
The PCs enact their plan to take control of the ship

The PCs concoct and enact their plan to take control of the ship. This involves a poisoned egg, and a kraken illusion, so it is clearly an excellent plan :-)

1 - 14 (14) Grindylow Cave part 4
The finale of the Grindylow cave Battle

The finale of the Grindylow cave Battle, featuring illusionary devilfish, mind control, and backstabbing.

1 - 13 (13) Grindylow cave part 3
Grindylow cave part 3

Grindylow cave part 3 – Placeholder

1 - 12 (12) Grindylow cave part 2
Grindylow cave part 2

Grindylow cave part 2 – Placeholder

1 - 11 (11) Grindylow cave part 1
Grindylow cave part 1

Grindylow cave part 1

1 - 10 (10) Storm at Sea
The winds and waves rise

The PCs battle the storm and see off the grindlows, and then give chase to rescue their abducted crew member.

They arrive at an island and make landfall, but rapidly discover that the mosquitoes of the island are infected by deadly ghoul fever.

After dispatching several ghouls, the crew make their way towards the Grindylow cove…

1 - 9 (9) Gindylows Attack
Gindylows Attack!

As waves batter the ship, gindylows attack. The PCs fend them off, but not before they kidnap Sandara Quinn.

1 - 8 (8) Murder and Mutiny
The PCs strike in the night

The group decide to preemptively strike before Scourge and Plugg can engineer their demise.
They assassinate Plugg in his sleep (by unexpected ninja) and Caxton takes his place by impersonating him…

1 - 7 (7) Capturing the Promise
Accidents can happen in battle...

The PCs capture the merchant ship the Man’s Promise and in doing so the put of a great show of pirate exuberance whilst actually letting as many of the sailors go as possible in the lifeboats.
In addition, Minty takes advantage of the distraction of battle to settle an old score, by chucking one of the more bullying pirates over the side and into the water. Unfortunately, he is spotted doing this… which he resolves by also throwing the witness over the side.
Unluckily, this act of witness-removal is in turn seen by the captain.
As the Captain turns red with rage, the party swing into action to save the cook, successfully bluffing that the Minty who did the deed was one of the enemy in illusionary disguise.

Once the battle is done, the crew of the Wormwood party and distribute the spoils.
The captain throws a captured sailor over the side, and Arithor rescues her (involving teleportation and miniturisation).

The PCs are then chosen as the skeleton crew for the Man’s Promise and see that this may bee their chance for freedom…


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