Character Creation

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Cast a weather-eye over these rules, mates:

  • Standard PF points-buy, Epic Fantasy (25 points) – Calculator and costs here
  • Constitution Score (not just bonus) HP at 1st level
  • 2 feats at first level (or 3 for human characters)
  • Full Gestalt at 1st level only
  • Mythic tier 1 from the start (you are marked by Besmara)

You also get the features of the Swashbuckling Adept as you level up (in much the same way as we have Gunslinger features in Stu’s game). This includes a free (thematically appropriate) domain.

  • 2 additional randomly generated background traits 4 Traits (background) or 5 with a DrawbackUltimate Campaign Backgrounds – I’ll generate these or we’ll do them as a group, so you just need to pick the usual 2 background traits (or 3 if you also take a drawback to balance it)
    These may be particularly appropriate: Skull & Shackles Traits

See also the House Rules

Character Creation

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