House Rules

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  • Characters gain one feat at every level
  • 3 additional skill points at each level, for “fluff” skills such as profession, craft etc.
  • As you level, you gain Swashbuckler and Adept powers (similar to how we are gestalting the Gunslinger in Stu’s game), details here: Swashblucker Adept
  • Automatic bonus progression:
  • Mythic tier 1 from the start, additional tiers may accumulate later

General Rules:

  • Equal rights for Dexterity fighters – Dex added to damage rolls for ranged & finesse weapons
  • Escalation Die (from 13th Age) – a d6 is placed on the table in the first round of combat (not the surprise round), and counts up each round; its value is automatically added to the attack and damage rolls of the PCs (and bosses)

Situational/Flavour rules:

  • Dowtime
  • Chases
  • Duels
  • Honour
  • Reputation/Fame
  • Called Shots
  • Ship Combat
  • Meta-Magic components
  • Incantations
  • Stamina & combat tricks
  • Automatic bonus progression:

House Rules

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